mmmmm cupcakes

It's Karin Slaughter's Cupcake Contest!!!

brought to you by Karin Slaughter, author of Broken, and lover of the Whimsical Bakehouse and all things cake

Here's the deal:
You can follow Liv's easy-to-use instructions to create cupcakes in the Style of Slaughter or come up with something completely new on your own. Extra points will be awarded for imagination, but you must (a) put it on a cupcake and (b) have it match the theme, which is to say something really gross that a normal person might not want to eat but it's a cupcake so of course it will be eaten.

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These fine cupcake creations
by Whimsical Bakehouse
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A GRAND PRIZE will go to the most imaginative cupcake design submitted. This will include an autographed advance copy of Broken, the entire Karin Slaughter backlist, including Grant County and Will Trent (that's 10 books in all! and I'll even write in them if you want!), as well as a $100 American Express Gift Card to spend as you wish.

A "WOW, YOU REALLY THOUGHT YOU COULD DO THIS" PRIZE will go to the person who tries the hardest to submit a good cupcake design, but is obviously not a professional and perhaps should not even be allowed in a kitchen. This winner will receive an autographed advance copy of Broken the entire autographed backlist of titles, and a pat on the back. Plus, perhaps some ridicule from friends and family, but what will you care because you'll be too busy reading.

The fine print:

The contest runs from May 2nd until May 20th. Entries by e-mail must be time stamped by May 20th or postmarked by May 20th. You can e-mail photo entries to , or snail mail photos to CincinnatiMedia, PO Box 32188, Cincinnati, OH 45217. Please do not mail us samples because we won't eat them and Webmaster Beth's dog has already horked up a sock and a bunch of dryer lint this week.

Winners will be announced May 25th, which just happens to be THE VERY DAY Undone (called Genesis in the UK) is released in paperback in the US.

By submitting your entry, you're giving us permission to post them online, make snarky comments on Facebook, steal decorating ideas and/or have you measured for a straitjacket.
The wonderful folks at the Whimsical Bakehouse -- Liv Hansen and her mom, Kaye Hansen -- have written some great books on cake decorating. You can read more about them here. Or, you can drop by their bakery the next time you are in Ardsley, New York, and eat until you can't feel your toes. Not that I've ever done that.

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US Pub. Date: June 22, 2010
UK Release: 8 Jul 2010
Australian Release: 8 Jul 2010
Dutch Release: 1 July 2010

Learn more about Broken
US Paperback: May 25 2010
UK Paperback: (called Genesis)
15 April 2010